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Our Daily Routine.


As you can probably imagine a day working with young children can always be different! However we do try to keep some structure to our day for those children who like routine. It can also help the younger children settle as they know what to expect.

8.15am - Breakfast Club


Some of our children join us for breakfast club where we eat a range of healthy breakfast options.

8.55am - Our day starts and the doors open.


The children come into pre school and take off their coats with their parents and find their name from the board in the reception area. The children love to peek through the windows on the door to see the exciting activities we have set out for them. At 8.55am one of the members of staff open the doors for the children to come in. 


The children then place their names on our registration board and begin to play.



Longham Mud Kitchen new.jpg
8.55 - 10.55am - Free flow session


During this time the children are able to choose what they would like to do. We always have some child initiated activities, adult led activities and free choice including the patio area with toys, playhouse and mud kitchen.


We also have the snack bar open which is a favourite with many of the children! The children can come and sign their name (or make a mark to represent their name!) and choose from a selection of food available. We usually supply foods such as toast, cereal, banana, raisins and chedders. The children love being able to butter their own toast and choose what they would like on it. They also have a selection of drinks to choose from. We can also accommodate any dietary requirements.

11.00 - 11.20 - Tidy up and Carpet Time


The children help to tidy away the toys and we then prepare for carpet time. We use lots of positive praise and the children love helping to put everything away.  


During Carpet time we sing songs, do some group activities and have time for show and tell. The children love to share their news with the group and we practice our listening skills.

11.20 - Outside/Physical Activites


Key skills are practiced and developed during this time in a fun way. Whether we are balancing on equipment, learning to climb, ride a scooter or jumping we enjoy developing our physical skills. 

11.45 - Storytime


As we get close to the end of the day we gather around for a story. The children love listening to a story read by a member of staff. During this time we give out all the things the children need to take home including their beautiful pieces of artwork for parents to treasure or to recycle (we don't judge!)


At 11.55 the children staying for half a session finish and they leave excited to tell their parents or carers all about the activities and friends they have played with during their day.


Some of the children stay on for our Lunch Club including those that are doing a full day.  The children bring their own pack lunch and sit with members of staff whilst eating. It is a lovely relaxed atmosphere where the children get to chat and tell us all about their day but it also helps them prepare for school lunchtimes.

1.55pm - Afternoon Session


During our afternoon session we share some books together and we try to get outside as much as we can. A favourite with the children is the mud kitchen, the sand pit and our outdoor provisions.

2.00pm - Snack Time


Playing can be hungry work so we make sure we stop for a snack during the afternoon session. 

2.55pm - End of the Day


At 2.55pm the children leave excited to tell their parent, grandparent, childminder or whoever is collecting them all about their day. 

We then prepare for the following day keen to welcome all the children back and to see their smiling faces once again. 

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