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Important Policies


On this page you will find links to our Policies and Guidelines. Please click on the link to download and view the document,



01. Absence

02 Admission and Waiting List

03. Babysitting

04. Promoting Positive Behaviour

       04.01. British Values

05. Childrens Rights and Entitlements

       05.01 Special Educational Needs Support

06. Childrens Safety and Security Onsite

      06.01 Settling in and Transitions

      06.02 Dropping off Early

      06.03 Uncollected Children

      06.04 Health and Safety General Standards

      06.05 Health and Safety Policy

      06.06 Intimate Care

      06.07 Kitchen

      06.08 Lockdown Policy

      06.09 Outside Area

      06.10 Children's Toilets/Changing Area

      06.11 Physical Contact

      06.12 Entrances and Approaches to the Building

      06.13 Animals and Pets

      06.14 Suitable Clothing

      06.15 Outings and Events

      06.16 Maintenance and Repairs

      06.17 Missing Child

07. Fire Safety and Evacuation 

      07.01 Fire Safety Risk Assessment

                07.01a Fire Safety Risk Assessment Form

08. Food Safety and Nutrition 

      08.01 Food Hygiene

      08.02 Food Preparation, Storage and Purchase

      08.03 Food for play and cooking activities

09. Health Policy

      09.01 Medication

      09.02 Life Saving Medication and Invasive Treatments 

      09.03 Oral Health

      09.04 No Smoking/Vaping Policy 

      09.05 Sick or Infectious Children and Children with Allergies

      09.06 Medication Administration

10. Staff Policy

      10.01 Retention Policy for GDPT - Staff Policy

      10.02 Supervision Policy

      10.03 Student, Learner or Young Person

      10.04 Staff Privacy

      10.05 Mobile Phones, Cameras and Smart Watches

      10.06 Induction of Staff, Volunteers, Students and Managers

      10.07 Threats and Abuse Towards Staff and Volunteers

      10.08 Code of Conduct

      10.09 Employment and Safer Recruitment

      10.10 Social Networking and E-Safety

11. Safeguarding Children, Young People and Venerable adults

      11.01 Looked After Children

      11.02 Death of a Child Onsite

      11.03 E-Safety

12. Risk Assessment

      12a Generic Risk Assessment Form

      12b Access Audit Form 

13. Promoting Inclusion, equality and valuing diversity

14. Record Keeping

      14.01 Children's Records and Data Protection

      14.02 Confidentiality and Client Access to Records

      14.03 Information Sharing

      14.04 Recording of Accidents and Incidents

      14.05 Providers Records Policy

      14.06 Transfer of Records to Schools

15. Working in Partnership with Parents and other Agencies  

      15.01 Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers

      15.02 Working in Partnership with other Agencies

      15.03 Complaints Procedure

      15.04 Parental/Carer Involvement

16. Charity Status

      16.01 Conflict of Interest

      16.02 Finance Policy

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